Friday, January 29, 2016

How-to prevent Dry Skin and Aging this winter season

Back in-studio for a live T.V taping on Beauty Care for this winter season. I show you how to take care of dry, cracked and sore lips, hands and feet. 

> Learn skincare tips and beauty rituals to keep your lips looking luscious. 
> Prevent pre-mature aging and age spots on the back of the hands
> Keep your feet looking great all year long. 

RogersTV studio set-up - Camera, Roll, Action!

Today I was a guest @RogersTVDaytime and I discussed winter skincare moisturizing as well as anti-aging prevention. The host of the show Jacqueline was super amazing! At the end of the segment I was invited back to the show. yaaayy.. :-)

Good times today @RogersTVDaytime with host Jacqueline.

I will also be presenting at other shows throughout this year locally in downtown Toronto and outside the city. Upcoming tapings I am working on for a t.v segment are on men's skin health and another one on body care in March to kick-off the spring season with healthy and glowing looking skin!
Have a question for me? I'll be answering your questions on upcoming T.V segments. Leave your questions in the comments below.
*** P.S - Do you have a skincare, beauty or wellness product that you would like for me to showcase on an upcoming t.v segment or would you like participate in an audience/viewer product give-away?
I'd be glad to collaborate with you, please contact me for more details. 

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