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Last night I did some makeup shopping after work at Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto. The Skin Perfect Primer from Dermalogica is not available for sale there but I wanted to include it in the mix since it is an amazing must have skin care  product. These cosmetics can also be found at other large retailer Beauty Suppliers and online websites.


I have chosen these cosmetic products because I use them on a regular basis on myself and with my clients at the spa.  I also retail them at the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Counter where I help women choose the right cosmetic products for their skin type. I only promote and endorse brands, skin care products and  cosmetics that I know work well, give the "results" they promise and have a good mix of active ingredients that are not harmful to my Skin Health.


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Here is the list for you Ladies, I would love to know which one is your favorite product?

I have included the links for you, if you are interested in more details and purchasing these items online. 

QUO COSMETICS - Deluxe Bronzer 

Multi-purpose 6 shade palette bronzer for easy blending and an instant glow for your temples, cheeks and t-zone. Wear it alone, on top of foundation or on top of self-tanner. 

ELIZABETH ARDEN - Beautiful Color Lipstick  

(My Pick - Scarlet Shade)

 Long-lasting 12 hour high pigment color that's comfortable to wear . Keeps lips moisturized and gives them a fuller appearance.  

BENEFIT COSMETICS - Brow Zings Shaping Kit 
(My Pick - Dark Shade)

Kit includes; pigmented wax for shaping, natural-shaded powder for setting, tweezers, hard angle and blending brush for clean, smooth, perfect brows. 

LANCOME - Hypnose Drama Mascara 
 (My Pick - Excessive Black 01)

Instant full body volume in one coat with unique curve S-shaped Convex Brush. Stroke by stroke, build dramatic volume from root to tip with no clumping, smearing or smudging. Opthalmologist-tested.   

CLARINS - Instant Light Brush-On Perfector  

(My Pick - Golden Beige 03)

In one quick stroke, this brush-on perfector helps conceal imperfections. Firms skin upon application, helping to diminish signs of fatigue by smoothing and illuminating the eye area. 

LISE WATIER - Feline Eyeliner HD
(My Pick - #70627)

Long wear ultra-black liquid eyeliner with a soft tip applicator for a precise and high definition drama Cat Eyes. 

DERMALOGICA - AgeSmart SkinPerfect Primer spf30

Multipurpose Anti-aging Skin Product that smoothes away fine lines, enhances skin's luminosity and its velvety silicones prime and prep for long lasting make-up application and flawless skin. 

LADY MILLION - My favorite perfume by Paco Rabanne 

Monday, February 10, 2014


Before I start to introduce you to Lise Watier's two Global Anti-aging Skin Care Lines; Age Prevention Supreme & Age Control Supreme. I would like to touch briefly on two important points:

First off, Skin Aging can start at a very young age depending on trigger factors such as:

* overexposure to environmental factors
* chronic inflammation
* hormonal inbalance
* deficiency of essential nutrients in daily diet
* high levels of stress
* negative emotions
* tanning
* lack of sleep

As we get older, the rate of speed at which our own skin cells renew starts to slows down causing visible skin fine lines, dullness and dehydation. 

But, when is the best time to start a Skin Care Regime and how do you pick products that deliver Results?  

Aging is an ongoing physiological process that cannot be stopped but can be controlled and prevented, including "Premature Aging" in both men and women alike.

If you begin to think or imagine how you would want to look in 5 to 10 years from now or what is it that you would like to improve about your self-image at this present time. You will find that there are a lot of choices of skin care products and company brands. After a while it can become confusing, discouraging and overwhelming when oftentimes, most skin care companies claim that they have the best products, breakthrough technologies and the list goes on.

But the "Secret" to finding a reputable and trustworthy skin care brand is simple and easy. There are 5 rule of thumb guides to keep in mind when choosing skin care products that deliver results. 

1. EDUCATION:  I think this is the most important one of all, at least for me when I am looking for "What Is The Next" big thing in skin care. A reputable brand feels responsible to teach the consumer directly via printed articles, public seminars, online presentations and through trained skin care professionals and beauty experts so they can deliver their message in an educated and professional manner. 

2. EXCLUSIVITY: Are the products you are looking to buy exclusive to a chain of high end or commercial retail stores, pharmacies or primarily sold online. Under this category, I would also look into seeing what other type of buyer's rewards, promotional offers and incentives they offer when you become a regular shopper of their products. e.g Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Card Point 

3. COMMUNITY: Is the skin care company supporting or involved in community causes and events. Perhaps it gives a certain percentage of their earnings to charity or social groups in need of funding.  It is a fact that within the next decade this will be a Billion dollar Industry. So at least for me, it is important that they give back somehow.

4. CLINICAL TESTS: This is another big and important point to be aware of. I would like to think and hope that there is no more animal testing taking place anywhere in the world but I am not 100% sure about that. However, skin care companies that perform clinical tests is to ensure that they are providing a product that is efficient before it is released to the market. Usually, a group of people or focus group will test the product out, self-evaluate it and depending on their results, they will decide to repurchase it. Personally, I like to do my own clinical testing on myself with both skin treatments and skin care products before I even recommend them to any client or customer of mine.

5. BEAUTY/CONSUMER AWARDS: Does the skin care brand you are looking into have any "Hero" or "Star" skin care products that consumers, skin therapists, cosmeticians, beauty experts and beauty editors alike cannot live without and each endorse with personal testimonials . This type of advertising is voted in by beauty industry professionals, health care organizations, bloggers and the public consumer reviews. Following is a few you may be familiar with: Chateline Beauty 100, Cosmetics Beauty Awards, Elle International Beauty Awards, Allure Best of Beauty, Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards, Women's Health Beauty Awards, Instyle Best Beauty Buys, Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards,  The Canadian Dermatology Association and the list goes on.

 I would always encourage you to first consult with a skin therapist or beauty expert on location before buying so she can prescribe you skin or body products that are appropriate for your skin type. The goal should always be to Treat, Correct and Prevent any skin care conditions that are affecting you.

For those of you who are not familiar with Lise Watier Skin Care Products and Cosmetics, it is the leading Canadian Cosmetic's Brand. Nationally it ranks fourth place among other well known skin and cosmetics brands. Founded in 1972 by Lise Watier herself and created The Lise Watier Foundation team to help women in need. Her motto: "I have lived my life for women, surrounded by women, dedicated to women. It is only fitting then, that the Lise Watier Foundation would give back to women".

Personally I have been a fan and consumer of Lise Watier products for about 10 years. I was introduced to them by a Cosmetician in my early 20's. And today, working part-time as a Beauty Expert at Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto. It is one of my preferred brands for recommending Cosmetics.

I also love the fact that the brand is constantly expanding and launching new "Anti-Aging" Skin Care products. Their recent Spring-Summer 2014 launch of the new Age Prevention Supreme Skin Care Line targeted to women 25+.  It is an entry-level age preventative antiaging system to fight the first signs of aging.

The main star ingredient in this product line is the Concentrated Labrador Tea Extract exclusive to Lise Watier. What is special about this extract is that it is a powerful "antioxidant", it is 20 times more potent than idebenone (an analogue of CoQ10) and 3 times more active than Vitamin C, Vitamin E and grape seed extract.

The main function of an antioxidant is to neutralize the effects of "free radicals" on skin cells and to stop Oxidative Stress activity which breaks down healthy skin cells causing DNA cell damage that overtime leads to premature aging. 

Premature Aging is often times very common among young women in their 20's due to high levels of exposure to free radical activity such as; smoking, drinking, stress, sunlight (U.V rays), fast food & food additives, medications, chlorinated water and other harmful chemicals.

Besides having this powerful antioxidant present to help counteract free radical activity, the cocktail mix of active ingredients found in each Age Prevention Supreme skin care product also contains other powerful antiaging ingredients such as; peptides, hyaluronic acid, enzymatic and moisturizing complexes. For instance, 1 drop of the Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal performs 12 Beauty Actions with its 24% ultra-concentrated mix of active ingredients. The products are also; Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Clinically and Dermatologically Tested.

Other products within this Age Prevention Supreme skin care system are: Age Prevention Supreme Moisturizing Emulsion and Age Prevention Supreme Specific Eye Care. 

The Concentrated Labrador Tea Extract is also found in their Age Control Supreme antiaging skin care products targeted for the women 35+ and in some Cosmetic beauty products including; Teint Age Control Supreme, Age Control Supreme Filler Concealer, Rouge Fondant Supreme Lipstick and Ombre Souffle Supreme.

I decided to write this Blog Post about Lise Watier after my product and retail training with the brand's National Director in Toronto last week. She presented everything very well, had a great personality and while I took my notes down, I thought up of a lot of ideas for this Blog post.
Lastly, I am also convinced that Lise Watier meets all of the above criteria to be choosen as a preferred and professional Skin Care Brand that offers skin care products and cosmetics that meet consumer needs and deliver maximum results.

If you would like to know more information about Lise Watier Skin Care and Cosmetic Products. You can contact me directly via Email: or send me a Tweet @BeautyDivaGlam
You can also BOOK a personal skin care or make-up consultation on location with me at Shopper Drug Mart if you are located in the downtown Toronto Area.
Cheers Ladies,
 Monique xx