Friday, April 18, 2014



Toronto Spa Week offers the Pro and seasonal spa-goer an indulgence of Professional skin care and body care treatments for only $50.00 during the week of April 21 to April 27. 

If you are active on any of the online social media platforms, you may have noticed that every affiliate spa, skin therapist or beautyblogger is using the hashtag #SpaWeek to promote and let everyone know about the upcoming event.


1. You will pamper yourself and be able to reconnect with your "higher-self" in a relaxing atmosphere with candles, burning incense, low lights and soothing music tunes. 

2. You will receive "touch therapy healing", this is the most powerful form of healing out there that one person can give to another person. It allows you to become relaxed, focus on what's important and increase your longetivity. 

3. At the end of your session, your therapist will offer you positive encouragement, at-home advice, product recommendations and how-to's to treat your skin condition, health and lifestyle concerns.


We in a society that offers us an incredible amount of information, products and practitioners at the touch of a button. Our lifestyle including mine, is go-go, multiple projects on the works, gym, studying, friends, family, social events and the list goes on... Puff... Puff... Eventually all leading to burnout, sickness, skin conditions and an overwhelming feeling of disappointment when these happen. 

When this happens we need to realize a few things:

1. First, do not be so hard on yourself
2. Learn to listen to your body
3. Slow down, Balance is key for any successful individual 
4. Be thankful and learn to appreciate yourself better
5. Take time to relax, breathe deeply, and develop good sleeping habits 
6. Avoid excessive drinking, smoking, harmful substances and over-medicating
7. Deal with your problems in a positive way, seek help with a Professional Therapist or Counselor

So you may be asking yourself  how you can choose a Spa treatment(s) that is suitable for your needs? 

A professional Spa Therapist will do a thorough consultation prior to the skin or body treatment and according to her results, she will either go ahead and perform what you are booked in for, she may do some tweaking or offer you a complete different treatment. The important thing is that you communicate to the therapist, how you are feeling and what you are expecting to get out of the treatment.

Here is a short list of skin and body conditions you can use to book your appointments during Toronto's Spa Week. If you would like to be one of my VIP clients, you can BOOK an appointment with me by filling out the form on the highlighted link.


1. Breakout Activity                                                                                                          
2. Pigmentation                                                                                    
3. Comedones                                                                                     
4. Fine Lines                                                                                        
5. Dilated Capillaries
6. Deep Lines
7. Dehydration
8. Sensitivity/Redness
9. Millia

(based on Amount per use, Layering, Frequency & Application) 

1. Cleansers (oil or water base)                                                                                                                   2. Toners (calming & alcohol-free)                                                                                 
3. Exfoliants (spherical beads vs jagged edges /physical vs chemical)
3. Masques (treatment product)
4. Serum (treatment product)
5. Moisturizer (ligh, medium & heavy weight)
7. Primer (treatment product)
8. SPF (chemical vs physical) 
10. Foundation / BBCream (mineral vs talc) 
11. Self-Tanners (best option to indoor tanning & suntanning)

You can always ask about your products being; paraben-free, talc-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free and mineral oil free. Also, ask about "multi-purpose" products that save you time and money.


1. Ingrown Hairs
2. Razor Burn / Irritation
3. Nicks and Cuts
4. Redness
5. Heavy/Coarse Beard

( based on skin type, beard type & shaving preference) 

1. Pre- Shave (treatment product)
2. Scrub
3. Shave Gel
4. Shave Cream
5. Shave Oil
6. Blade or Electric Razor
7. Post-Shave (treatment product)
8. SPF (chemical vs physical) 

(based on daily Thoughts, Lifestyle, Nutrition & Excercise)

1. Stress (all over or specific areas e.g. lower back, neck)
2. Breakouts (all over, back, keratosis pilaris, butt)
3. Dry Skin (all over, feet conditions, flaky scalp)
4. Circulation (all over, heaviness of legs, tightness, tension, pain)
5. Toxic Accumulation (skin rashes, pain, swelling, body odour)
6. Fluid Retention (swelling of limbs, pain, redness. oozing of fluids) 

(based on Amount per use, Layering, Frequency & Application)  

1. Body Wash
2. Body Scrub
3. Mineral Salts (treatment product)
4. Body Cream
5. Hand & Nail Treatment
6. SPF (chemical vs physical)
7. After Sun Products
8. Self-Tanners ((best option to indoor tanning & suntanning)
9. Essential Oils (for stress relief, detox, rejuvenation, calming & uplifting properties) 
10. Dry Skin Brushing (helps detoxify the body, improves circulation, removes toxins & dead skin   cells)
11. Massage (reflexology, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, thai massage, indian head massage)
12. Thermal Body Therapy (body exfoliation, body wraps)
I hope this list gives you a better idea at the benefits you can get from visiting a Skin Expert, Spa Therapist or Holistic Health Practitioner.

If you would like to be my one of my VIP clients, you can BOOK your appointment with me by clicking on the link.

The skin treatment is customised to the needs of my client and helps treat a variety of skin conditions and concerns such as; premature aging, pigmentation, dehydration, breakouts, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating cell renewal and cell turnover with a powerful combination of skin smoothing agents, brighteners and calming ingredients such as AHA - BHA's, lactic acid, salicylic acid, enzymes and peptides.

Each 45min treatment boosts "Exfoliation" with one of three levels; The Power Active, Intensive Active and Ultimate Active and will performed in the treatment room according to the "Face-Mapping" results obtained from my skin analysis.

This treatments costs $95.00 but it will be offered for $50.00 during Toronto Spa Week. I  guarantee that your skin will be glowing, hydrated and healthy looking after one session. I recommend a series of 6 weekly treatments for best anti-aging results. I also have a Special Series Package for the clients who want complete antiaging skin benefits and immediate results with this powerful skin treatment series.

FILL OUT the form provided for a complimentary in person or over the telephone skin consultation.

Hope everyone has an awesome long Easter Weekend
Monique xx


Thursday, April 3, 2014


Celebrity Gina Brook was the host of an amazing exclusive Shu Uemura makeup Master class held at The Hudson's Bay in downtown Toronto on March 28,2014 alongside the friendly team of Shu Uemura makeup artists led by Account Manager and Beauty Specialist Sasha.

My experience at the event was very enjoyable. Gina is a truly artist, she shared her beauty tricks and tips with an audience of 50 beautiful ladies who sat and watched as Gina explained to the tunes of Madonna in detail step by step the process of creating the "Illusion" of having radiant skin by "Contouring", focusing on one's facial high points; above eyebrows, around the eyes, down the nose, on top of the cupid's bow, across the decollete and on top of the shoulders. 

Gina made a point that Contouring is a light form of "Art", a form of expression where having the right tools, the right amount of product application and where it is applied is very important to achieve the right look.

During her training she also emphasized that women should focus on one best facial feature (high point) and work with it. She talked about treating oneself like an individual, looking at yourself objectively and being positive  vs being negative about one's looks, appearance or trying to compare to magazine cover models. 

As she was making those points during her presentation, I thought to myself what a great role model she is, not only is she teaching her art and skill set but she's also empowering women to be just themselves, kind loving and realistic about who they are suppose to be by enhancing their own natural beauty. 

Following is the list of Shu Uemura products that were used as part of the Transformation of her exclusive Master class:

 1. CLEANSING BEAUTY OIL PREMIUM A/I - A luxuriously rich cleansing oil with plant extracts for dry or sensitive skin. This cleansing oil focuses on improving the texture of the skin, leaving the skin moisturized, nourished and more radiant looking. C $89.00

 2. DEPSEA HYDRABILITY INTENSE MOISTURE FILLING - An intensive moisturizing mask. enriched with carrageenan algae extract, a newly selected ingredient from the deep sea, it is designed to instantly moisturize and soothe dehydrated skin. this specifically engineered mask adheres well and saturates the skin with a fresh penetrating essence. from the 1st use, the skin appears smooth, supple, plump and translucent. C $68.00

3. DEPSEA WATER FACIAL MIST - LAVENDER - Eight herbal aromas formulated with Depsea Water provide a refreshing, relaxing feel with a fine mist that gently wraps the skin. New pump update achieves a finer mist for enhanced comfort. Suitable for all skin types. C $32.00

4. UNDERBASE MOUSSE PORERASER- New Poreraser mousse helps to improve the skin's appearance and overall condition while providing a natural cover which helps to conceal dark spots, blemishes and scars. Weightless mousse formula with SPF 30, improves makeup staying power and the makeup artists' favorite primer. C $46.00

5. STAGE PERFORMER INSTANT-GLOW - Glow from the inside out!stage-inspired multi-functional beauty cream to enhance makeup finish and deliver a natural glow. contains Ginkgo Leaf extract to fight oxidation. instantly, skin appears more luminous, translucent and smooth. provides 24-hour lasting moisture. C $60.00

6. LIGHTBULB FOUNDATION AND SPONGE SET -The innovative lightbulb fluid foundation and sponge. Stemming from shu uemura's expertise in oleo technology, multi-glow oil complex and buildable oil complex signal a new way forward for natural glow yet with high coverage. Includes a revolutionary sponge, "the lightbulb", designed and shaped for tapping and creating a glowing finish.  C $66.00

7. FACE POWDER MATTESoft matte finish with long lasting effects. This super fine, fitting, light-weight powder is comfortable on skin, without drying. Packaged with a specific puff designed for the finish. Semi Matte to Matte Finis. C $46.00

8. GLOW ON BLUSH REFILL - enhance and glow. boundless blush colors to enhance the cheeks or overall natural glow of the face. long lasting and great blendability. can be used wet to intensify the color payoff.  C $22.00
9. COVER CRAYON -Conceal and contour. The return of a Shu Uemura classic: an easy-to-use, double-ended pencil concealer for precise contouring and adjustable finish. C $32.00 

10. CALLIGRAPH: INK LIQUID EYELINER PEN (cartridge sold seperately) - From fine to bold, the Asian calligraphy-inspired brush enables you to effortlessly draw lines 0.05mm sharp to 2.0mm bold with precise control and accuracy like a professional. The best combination of fine-particle carbon black formula and supple brush enables you to create an intense eye line along any eye shapes with ease. Water-proof. Sweat-proof. Long-wearing. Reusable, refillable package. C $24.00

11. FARFALLINA FALSE EYELASHES - Triple layers of brown and black tones with different levels of curls and longer lashes toward outer edge enable a natural, delicate look and ideal volume on the lash. C $36.00

12. NEW GENERATION EYELASH S CURLER - The innovative new s curler fits any eye shape and offers precise application so that you can really emphasize parts of your lashes without pinching skin, thanks to its small structure without side-bars. C $27.00

13. TOKYO LASH MASCARAVolume-type mascara for lacquer-black lashes. New crisscross brush catches shortest lashes and brings out lash makeup as if it were done by a make-up artist.Long-lasting and smudge-proof! C $29.00

14. ROUGE UNLIMITED CREME MATTE LIPSTICK - A true red lipstick, it goes on slick and creamy but dries to a matte finish. Double moisture system for supreme moisture, the combination of an active moisture-locking cream plus a lip care active support to protect and nourish your lips. C $36.00

To purchase any of the above product items you can visit the Canadian Shu Uemura online webstore. If you desire further product recommendations on how to buy, use and apply any of the advertised Shu Uemura skin and makeup products, Account Manager and Beauty Specialist Sasha will gladly provide you with a personal consultation. She can be reached on her personal FaceBook page and you can also check out her artistry and skill set on her Instagram account.

Have Fun Ladies, keep healthy, happy and smiling!!! :-)

Sasha is a Shu Uemura Account Manager and Beauty Specialist
Instagram: Chaneleverlast
FaceBook: Sasha Simler

P.S. Check back for my upcoming Blog post about my Gift from Spa Inc. Magazine and James Reed Tanning products.