Thursday, January 16, 2014


I recently attended a Beauty Seminar and Cocktail Party for the launch of CLARINS Super Restorative Day Cream Moisturiser.

I was very happy with their product presentation and excited about the Benefits and Star formula ingredients that will sure put this product jar among the best sellers for all the Clarins aficionados!

Even though, this cream moisturiser is not for my age as yet, I am excited about it because it contains a cocktail of powerful ingredients that I am very passionate about in my own Anti-aging skin care products that I use now and have benefited enormously.

The Super Restorative Day Cream comes in an All Skin Types and for Very Dry Skin mix designed for women aged 50+.

Its powerful mix of key ingredients; Organic Harungana extract, Pearl Powder minerals, Hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and Vitamin C assist in three main functions:

1. REPLUMP - the surface of the skin so it is more radiant, plump and beautiful

2. REGENERATE - the epidermis layer of the skin and cells so deep wrinkles, furrows and facial features look smoother

3. REPLENISH - kickstart the function of the weakened fibroblasts in the dermis layer responsible for the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin fibers so the face can regain its "bounce back" aspect. Normally at the age of 50, women are affected by Menopause which leads to a drop of Estrogen levels resulting in an accelerated aging process.

Triggers and Causes associated with the aging and damaging of skin cells to look out for are:

Stress levels might be higher causing more inflammation in the skin cells and organs in the body.

Lifestyle habits and Environmental physical skin damage are more prominent and is very essential to take care of them to prevent further skin damage, aging as well as other skin conditions.

Proper Nutrition accompanied with the right amount of vital Vitamin supplements, natural Herbal remedies and a way to Relax and Unwind are also very important.

These facts of what takes place in the different layers of the skin may sound a little bit depressing and scary at times, but I am glad that there are powerful ingredients, skin care products and treatments out there in the market for women to help them out prolong their youth, prevent many of the inevitable signs of aging and allow them to feel Beautiful & Fabulous!

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